Gallery Gallopin’ – Toronto’s Top Summer Art Shows

With the summer officially upon us, Toronto’s art scene is in full bloom with a range of exciting exhibitions that will have you ditch the patios and head straight to the galleries! Here are my top three picks of Toronto’s hottest shows this season:

I ❤ Paint II at Angell Gallery
June 5 – July 11
Erin Loree‘s Wing It
At Angell Gallery, artist Kim Dorland is back in the role of curator for their latest summer exhibition, entitled I ❤ Paint II–showcasing a wide breadth of talent from the emerging to the established featuring artists from around the globe. The highlights are the effervescent works by newcomer, Toronto-based painter Erin Loree. Her artwork sings to viewers; the beautiful chorus of bright colours, combined with powerful gestural brushwork give her canvases a refined, yet energetic appeal. Erin creates a soft abstraction through her circular and layered markings that dominate the aesthetic of her pieces…they are truly enchanting and worth a visit in person!

Foil by John Eisler at Diaz Contemporary
June 6 – July 11
Keeping with the summer theme of intoxicating colours–is the mesmerizing work by another red hot Canadian talent, John Eisler. His gigantic, sweeping pieces resemble rich geometric tapestries fit for 2015 audiences (further enhanced by their unstretched nature, without the structure of a canvas). Using a variety of shapes (semi-circular and elongated trapezoids etc.) repetitiously executed, Eisler’s paintings take on a collage-like aesthetic that are hypnotic. The defined shapes and the resulting negative spaces intermix to create beautifully balanced compositions.

Rounding off my list is Tropical Blooms, a solo exhibition of artwork by Caroline Larsen at General Hardware Contemporary
June 25 – July 25
Caroline’s stunning painting technique gives way to fascinating textured effects that are cutting-edge and a wonderful play on age old painterly traditions. Who says painting is dead? The weave-like qualities of her work intermingle precision with dexterity. The sumptuous borders created by endless delicate lines (resembling embroidery) outline the lush floral-inspired shapes. Her paintings are a hybrid of the abstract meeting the representational, which really allows your imagination to run wild. The strong textural qualities give Caroline’s artwork a three-dimensional persona, an organic growth that emerges from each and every canvas.

Don’t forget to check out the Luminato Festival (which wraps up this Sunday, June 28!) – the festivities celebrate both the visual & performing arts as well as music with a roster of activities across the city

Holly Knows Art.

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