Gordon Parks: Segregation Story at Nicholas Metivier Gallery

The brilliantly talented and pioneering work of photographer, Gordon Parks is currently on show at Toronto’s Nicholas Metivier Gallery. Gordon Parks Segregation Story captures the intimacy and reality of life for African-Americans in Mobile, Alabama from 1956 (for a Life Magazine assignment)–living a segregated existence in America’s deep south. One still that particularly resonates, displays a “colored waiting line” sign, a sharp and vivid reminder of the US’s dark history of discrimination. The poignancy and power of Parks’s photographs are incredibly moving, each piece harboring its own narrative, while the exhibition as a whole acts as a story book. By capturing snap shots of daily life through photography, Parks unleashes a true, earnest and honest voice that speaks to viewers. Parks’s work still resonates very strongly today and remains relevant to 21st century audiences. A wonderful exhibition, that cannot be missed!

Gordon Parks’s work is also being exhibited across the United States: Back to Fort Scott opening at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston on Jan. 17 and Gordon Parks Segregation Story is currently on view at the High Museum of Art Atlanta.

Gordon Parks Segregation Story at the Nicholas Metivier Gallery runs from Jan. 8 until Jan. 31, 2015.

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